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50 Cool Beds That Are Straight From Your Home Decor Dreams

50 Cool Beds That Are Straight From Your Home Decor Dreams

50 Cool Beds That Are Straight From Your Home Decor Dreams. Cool beds can make your bedroom an oasis that you really love. Beds are the largest piece of furniture in our bedrooms – maybe even in our homes! Why not make it an awesome centerpiece for your boudoir? Trends like the decorative design and statement sofas are hot for 2018, and trends like minimalist and farmhouse chic seem to be here to stay. These 50 bed ideas will leave you inspired to find the home design trend you love most and put it under your pillow.

50 Unique and Cool Beds That Will Be the Centerpiece of Your Bedroom

Choosing the right bed is critical for your space, comfort, and style. The cool beds of 2018 aren’t just a headboard and a box spring. They are design elements of your home that provide form and function. If you’ve got ample space, then sleigh beds and canopy beds are both beautiful and bold ways to define your space. If you’re a little tight, a platform bed or basic frame with a headboard and perhaps some side rails is a simpler design. Or you could take advantage of multitasking designs that incorporate nightstands, and even convert into other types of furniture.

On top of the space considerations, you also want to think of your personal style. Some of these cool beds are sleek and contemporary. Some are more traditional. Some are truly eccentric works of art! It’s your home, so don’t settle. Find a style that you’re in love with.

Finally, think of your back. What type of mattress do you like? Platform beds are great because of their versatility. With a platform style, you don’t need a box spring if you use a traditional mattress, and they’re the perfect foundation for memory foam mattresses. Some bed designs only accommodate a certain thickness or type of mattress which may not have as much softness as you’d like, so just make sure that you keep your ideal firmness and mattress type in mind as you browse.

1) Silver Quilted Platform Modern Bed mod

Source: ksayd.com

This is a beautiful cross between a contemporary recessed platform style and the traditional quilting pattern and side rails. In this photo, the bed is staged in a modern style. You can see the quilting is really the focal point. You could easily put this same bed into a traditional style bedroom, change up the throw pillows, and it would fit just as nicely.

2) Cozy Ultra Modern Multifunctional Furniture


This may be the ultimate living room furniture. It is ideal for a student’s apartment or a kids playroom. It converts from a bed to two armchairs in 9 different ways. This multifunctional furniture does double duty when you’re pressed for space but you want to have a bed for your guests.

3) Metallic Pod-Shaped Modern Bed Frame


Source: hammacher.com

This is a true sleeping pod. The futuristic design is so contemporary, you’d hardly notice it was a bed if you weren’t sleeping in it! You’d honestly be sacrificing some comfort for style here, but it is a pretty darn cool piece of furniture. If you’ve got the space and the decor scheme for something a little whimsical this is something of a work of art that doubles as a bed.

4) Hammock Style Cool Easy Designs for Your Bedroom

Source: lebeanock.com

This is more of a hanging couch than anything else, but boy does it look cozy! This would work best with high, relatively sturdy ceilings. The key to making this hammock-style lounger comfy is the pillows and cushions. That not only gives it a more defined shape but makes it soft to lay on.

5) Multifunctional Bed With Amazing Hidden Closet


Source: twinyc.com

This bed is a multitasking marvel! We should all make such efficient use of our space. The platform is high up, creating storage space below. The storage is easily accessible by lifting the mattress on the hinged platform. There is a step to get onto the bed that also doubles as a chest of drawers.

6) Plush and Artsy Nest Design Lounger

So…this is not going to be for everyone, but it is pretty darn neat. This is a piece of contemporary art that you can sleep on. The “nest” is created with a circular frame that has small pieces of wood on the outside and is cushioned and lined with fabric on the inside. There are “eggs” in the nest that is actually big squishy cushions that you can nestle into.

7) Awesome Giant Knitted Modern Bed

Source: trendland.com

This belongs in a museum somewhere! If you love knitting, this is basically the mother of all home decor. The giant stuffed yarn is carefully woven into one enormous bed. An esoteric design like this is probably not practical for 99% of people, but it’s awesome to look at!

8) Tech-Friendly Multifunctional Couch Bed Combo


This is a multifunctional bed that would be perfect for a teenager or college student. There s a mattress in the center with side panels that double as bookshelves. There are built-in speakers, charging stations, and a lamp. There is also a chaise lounge type seat and padded bench built into the side and foot of the bed. When you’re looking at cool beds for a dorm or apartment, this is a great option.

9) Sleek Modern Floating Bed Frame


Source: yliving.com

Whether you like contemporary decor or not, you’ve got to admit this is a cool design. This floating bed frame is anchored to the wall with a suspended platform that hovers above the ground and holds the mattress. The headboard has padding half way up and curves slightly. There are reading lights built into the headboard as well.

10) Cute Platform Bed With Built-in Nightstand

Source: notteidea.com

This platform style blends contemporary, minimalist, and retro design. It would be perfect for an eclectic home that mixes different styles. The platform itself is barely there, just a thin sheet of wood with small metal feet. The headboard is a sweeping white piece that curves around to create a nightstand that is attached.

11) Elegant White Bed With Quilted Headboard

This white bed is very traditional, yet its clean lines and structural elements give it a contemporary feel. Even the headboard has a classic quilted look but with a more current hexagonal pattern. The sides of the platform merge with the headboard to create an edge that serves as a built-in side table.

12) Awesome Natural Wooden Rocking Bed

If you’ve never heard of a rocking bed then welcome to the trend. It’s similar to a rocking chair in that they have a curved base so that they gently rock back and forth. You can also put stabilizers underneath to keep it still if that’s your preference. This one is made entirely of wood and it’s just beautiful.

13) Conceptual Art Red “Bead” Bed

If your decor is a little on the kitschy side then this funky design might fit right in, and cool beds like this are certainly a conversation piece. Oversized bead-like red cushions are strung together tightly to create an artsy little cloud for you to rest your head. Needless to say, sleeping on this will feel a little…lumpy.

14) Futuristic White Round Bed Frame

Source: dailyicon.net

This oval-shaped round bed frame is cocooned inside of an open white orb. The contemporary design is bold and very unique. Assuming that this is your style, the main drawback of this kind of design is that it requires a custom mattress and there’s not really that much space. If you share your bed you’ll no doubt be elbowing it out for real estate on your mattress.

15) Amazing Book Beds & Bed Frames for Kids

Of all the cool beds you could put in a kids room, this is honestly one of the cutest bed ideas ever – it’s a book! This was no doubt custom designed, so you’d need someone handy to help make this, but the concept is pretty basic. The two sides of the book are each a platform for the bed. There’s a thin pad for the mattress and sheets and comforter (all in white) that are the “pages” and connect in the center. How creative!

16) Cool Bed Frame With Built-in “starlight”

Source: behance.net

Drift to sleep under a blanket of stars in this sleeping pod. The Jetsons-style frame is a thick white plastic material. LED lights are used to line the base and to create a constellation of “stars” in the hood of the frame. Again, we’re looking at a frame that calls for a custom mattress, but it might just be worth it to have your own personal starlight.

17) Contemporary Full Bed Frame With Side Tables

Source: archiexpo.it

This is multifunctional furniture at its best. The bed designs for each side of the mattress have a nightstand and a bench built in. Aside from these unique features, the mattress is standard size. While the side pieces take up more room than a typical frame, it’s OK since you wouldn’t need extra side tables or other furniture nearby.

18) Simple Platform Bed With Geometrical Cool Designs

50 Cool beds
Source: it-happens.ch

The base of this cute platform has an accordion style 3-D geometric pattern. It’s exactly the size of the mattress which is a big space saver. This would be a great option for an apartment with an eclectic design or a minimalist decor scheme with a little bit of quirk.

19) Ultimate Bed Platform With Wood and White Headboard

Source: ebay.co.uk

This bold design is so simple and elegant. The platform is made of a richly colored wood and forms a “T” shape that provides a nightstand on each side. The white headboard defines the sleeping area and contrasts the dark color of the wood. This would look amazing on a painted concrete floor or in a loft-style space.


20) Simple Modern Platform Bed With Inbuilt Side Tables

50 Cool beds

We are loving these build-in side tables. It’s a very efficient use of space and gives an interesting focal point to the full bed frame. This white design is otherwise pretty simple. The platform is the same size as the mattress and the base is smaller. It’s an interesting structural element in the room, and the charcoal gray sheets give the perfect amount of contrast.

21) Minimalist Wooden Platform Bed With Asian-inspired Design

This four poster is just stunning. It’s made entirely of wood and the platform base is precisely the size of the mattress creating a clean line. There is also storage under the base. The Asian-inspired design of the oversized headboard is what really makes this special. This frame is a truly unique work of art in itself.

22) Convertible Couch and Bunk Beds

50 Cool beds
Source: bonbon.co.uk

This is the absolute ideal for a small apartment. Forget a pull-out couch, this multitasker converts into bunk beds and bed frames. It even has a guard rail for the top bunk! This is hard to beat in terms of space efficiency and functionality. You can comfortably sleep 2 guests in your living room with this transformer.

23) Gorgeous Gingham Fabric Platform Bed

Source: hastens.com

What a combination of classic style and contemporary sensibility! Gingham print is preppy and timeless. Having it oversized and totally covering this unique frame is a cool choice as bed designs go. The navy blue gingham fabric covers the headboard, platform, and mattress. There’s a thin mattress topper and the sheets and pillows are in a neutral gray-cream color to balance out the bold print.

24) The Ultimate Bed in Slick Contemporary Style

The Ultimate Bed in Slick Contemporary Style

Source: presotto.com

This is just the perfect specimen of modern design. It has a simple wood platform with thin silver feet. The top of the platform curves up to create a modest headboard. The ashy wood color goes beautifully with a palette of warm, earthy neutrals. This is a fantastic example of contemporary design that is both beautiful and inviting.

25) Hanging Tropical Paradise Round Hammock Bed

Hanging Tropical Paradise Round Hammock Bed

You can escape any time you please with a hammock like this one. The large round cushion is suspended from the ceiling with white ropes. The gauzy fabric from the top of the ropes creates an ethereal tropical vibe. Lots of pillows make this hammock all the cozier. Just add a tropical breeze!

26) Open Frame Rocking Bed With Loads of Pillows

Open Frame Rocking Bed With Loads of Pillows
50 Cool beds

This rocking bed looks so fun! The design looks like something in a sharper image catalog. We like that even though it’s a large and distinctive piece of furniture, it’s still versatile enough to go with different design styles. The base keeps it stationary, or you can remove the base for gentle rocking motion.

27) Woven Cabana Style Lounge Bed

Woven Cabana Style Lounge Bed

Part lounge chair, part bed, all relaxation in style. This oversized cabana chair can comfortably fit 2 people on a full bed sized cushion. Plenty of pillows keep this looking more like a lounge than a bed, either way, it’s an inviting place for a nap. The two large shade panels above provide some protection when the sun is high. This is the ultimate poolside luxury at its finest.

28) Minimalist White Bed With Side Storage

Minimalist White Bed With Side Storage

We are in love with the minimalist style of this platform frame. The matte fabric cover makes it a warmer design than some of the others. There is a sort of floating effect that comes from the legs of the platform being very fine and deep set. The sides flare out from the base to provide a nightstand on either side, and the headboard is tilted so it defines the space but also gives you a place to lean back when reading a book.

29) Cool Circle Bed With Corner Feature

Cool Circle Bed With Corner Feature
50 Cool beds
Source: ebay.co.uk

There is a playful and sexy vibe to a round bed. It’s so unique that it’s hard to miss. This one has a pretty slate gray base. The corner frame is nice because circular beds and bed frames can cause awkward gaps and spaces, but this one tucks neatly into a corner. That also happens to give you a ton more space on the rest of the room! A custom mattress is a requirement. As circular beds go, this one is surprisingly versatile because of its color and ability to wedge into a corner.

30) Modern White Open Block Bed

Modern White Open Block Bed

Source: hi-can.com

If you have loads of extra space in your bedroom and an affinity for spaceship-like architecture then we’ve found your bed! This contemporary take on a four post design is commanding and yet quite plain. There’s also an artistic element that’s undeniable. You have to really commit to contemporary design and have the right interior space to make this work, but it could be just right with the perfect combination of style and space.

31) Low Profile Rectangle-in-a-circle White and Black Bed

Low Profile Rectangle-in-a-circle White and Black Bed

Whoever said you can’t fit a square peg into a round hole never saw this bed. If you like the design of a circle bed but don’t want to fuss with a custom mattress this is the perfect solution. The recessed platform in the center fits a normal mattress. The frame around it is circular. There are end tables built into each side, and a “headboard” with cushions so you can lounge back or lay down. Pretty neat!

32) Hanging Rope and Wood Indoor Lounger

Hanging Rope and Wood Indoor Lounger

Caught somewhere between a swing and a hammock, this is breezy and ethereal. Ropes descend from the ceiling and connect to the platform which is created from a series of bamboo logs. A cushion over the logs provides a soft mattress, and plenty of throw pillows and cozy blankets invite you to come and chill. This is just perfect for a minimalist eclectic style or a playful tropical design.

33) Pretty Art Deco Birdcage Lounger

50 Cool beds

The metal wire frame hangs like a jewel on this absolutely unique design. A custom cushion provides a comfortable seat and plenty of colorful, oversized pillows provide a backrest. This design can be changed with the gauzy overlay or left open. You can also add a light to the top to enjoy at night. This is a gorgeous outdoor seating/lounging option.

34) White Bookshelf Murphy Bed for Guests

White Bookshelf Murphy Bed for Guests

Source: allmodern.com

A good Murphy bed is just so…MacGyver that it puts a smile on our face every time. This simple crisp white bookshelf doubles as a pull-down guest bed. The platform and frame fit a thin twin mattress. When not in use it can simply fold up to free up space in your guest room or living room.

35) Retro Inspired Thin Wooden Bed Platform

Retro Inspired Thin Wooden Bed Platform

Source: archiexpo.com

This barely there design is just present enough to be functional in a beautiful and contemporary way. A thin wood panel with a low profile provides a platform for the mattress. A matching panel with a fabric-covered cushion provides a headboard. This wooden bed platform is big on style and small on space, making it ideal for smaller rooms or apartments.

36) Converted Antique Wooden Boat Couch

50 Cool beds
Source: recyclart.org

Why settle for a nautical theme when you can bring the boat inside!? This truly unique work of art uses an antique wooden boat with all its beautiful distressed wood and charm as the frame. Suspended by ropes tethered to the ceiling, the boat has one side cut out and reinforced seat and backrest to provide a couch-like seating. Fluffy white pillows and cushions line the bench where you can drift off to sleep.

37) Floating Platform Bed With Rope and Pulley Posts

Floating Platform Bed With Rope and Pulley Posts

Source: shopnobby.com

Floating beds are the coolest beds, and this one’s no exception! The hearty wooden platform floats and it’s suspended by four very thick ropes attached to oversized metal pulleys in the ceiling. This design really is quite impressive. With something like this you pretty much have to own your home or else you’re going to have to say goodbye to your deposit while explaining those pulleys to your landlord.

38) Contemporary Black Bed With Curved Headboard

Contemporary Black Bed With Curved Headboard

The elegant curve of this sleek ultra-thin platform is reminiscent of a curved leaf. The low profile and deep-set feet give it the look of a floating platform. The deep charcoal color is just lovely. A piece attached to the head provides matching nightstand functionality. This is the essence of minimalist style and it’s done brilliantly in this design.

39) Industrial Inspired Floating Bunk Bed

Industrial Inspired Floating Bunk Bed

This would be a super fun, multifunctional idea for a kids room or a playroom. The faux bunk bed is anchored to the wall and ceiling for extra stability. Having a floating bed up high frees up your floor space so you have plenty of room underneath for things like seating and storage. It’s an ultimate bed to maximize your space in a smaller room.

40) White Recessed Platform Bed With Curved Headboard

White Recessed Platform Bed With Curved Headboard

Source: fancy.com

It’s tough to pull off modern and cushy, but this bed does the trick! The white frame is rectangular but curved like a bubble that the mattress sinks right into. The headboard is different because it curves up and separates from the base, leaving a sliver of light between to give you a little extra morning sunshine.

41) Multimedia Student Lounger With Desk and Storage

Multimedia Student Lounger With Desk and Storage
50 Cool beds

This is one of the coolest beds for a student or teenager. The sculptural lounge has a curvy contemporary look. Lots of cool designs are featured on this piece, including plenty of built-in multimedia storage, a TV screen, and reading lights! There is also a desk built into the back of the piece. This piece of furniture proves that you don’t have to sacrifice style for function!

42) Natural Wood Canopy Platform Bed

Natural Wood Canopy Platform Bed

Source: allmodern.com

This bed is one of the cool easy designs that is so lovely. It just looks like you’d get a great night sleep. The platform rests on the floor, and a simple wooden canopy design defines the space beautifully. The simplicity of this design makes it suitable for many different interior themes. This could also be transformed with the type and color of cloth used (or not used) over the canopy.

43) Warm Industrial Loft Bed With Quilted Headboard

Warm Industrial Loft Bed With Quilted Headboard

Source: homeidea.co

The combination of raw wood and metal is urban and chic and expertly executed in this design. The geometrically quilted headboard adds some warmth and softness to the bed frame. The way the metal posts that support the loft desk above come down around the head of the bed define it really nicely. With the dark and neutral colors of the metal and wood, the colorful blanket and artwork create a lovely contrast.

44) Floating Bed With Raw Wood and Nautical Ropes

Floating Bed With Raw Wood and Nautical Ropes

This is a bed, fit for a spa-like oasis. The thick wooden platform is suspended from the ceiling with ropes. Everything is minimalist. The mattress has a simple white cover and blankets and pillows are in earth tones. This airy bed perfectly compliments the neutral walls and wooden accents of the room.

45) Updated Retro White and Wooden Floating Bed

Updated Retro White and Wooden Floating Bed
50 Cool beds
Source: allmodern.com

This is 60s design chic come back to life for 2018! The curved design gives the appearance that the platform is teetering on a perfectly balanced edge. The combination of a high-shine smoke gray material and the wooden headboard is contemporary and new. Keeping the colors muted makes the overall look very contemporary. It gives a nod to retro design principles without being dated.

46) Curved Bay Window Couch Bed

Curved Bay Window Couch Bed

Source: dovava.com

What a fantastic way to tackle an unusual corner of a bedroom or living room! This built-in design places the sleeping area in a cozy nook. The bed is actually recessed into the wall and has its own wallpaper, curtains, and window to define the space. It’s really not a piece of furniture at all but a part of the room itself!

47) Smooth Wooden Grown Up Crib

Smooth Wooden Grown Up Crib

This curious design looks like it could be part of an avant-garde art experiment. The smooth finished wooden box is lined with fabric and fits a mattress. The stairs on the side let you climb in and out. It’s certainly a one-of-a-kind way to sleep, and you never have to worry about rolling out of bed!

48) Creative Four Post Bed With Real Trees

50 Cool beds

Wow. This is the ultimate bed for a nature lover. What seems like a plain and simple bed with wooden side rails is made epic with actual birch branches for bedposts. The branches go from the floor all the way to the ceiling, making you feel as though you’re in a forest. The palette of neutral bedding colors compliments the wood. It’s both plain and absolutely unique.

49) Round Bed With Night Stands and Lights

Round Bed With Night Stands and Lights

Source: interno77.eu

Another round bed for the adventurous set! This one has a flat headboard to define the bed against a wall. The headboard also has LED lights and nightstand platforms on either side. Otherwise, the bed is quite basic, the platform is the same size as the mattress and it’s a neutral gray that leaves room for more intimate accessories.

50) Leather Finish Black Bed With Contemporary Curves

Leather Finish Black Bed With Contemporary Curves
50 Cool beds
Source: allmodern.com

This cool bed frame is a great way to make a low-profile bed look more like a piece of furniture than just a mattress on the floor. The leather finish material gives a slight sheen that contrasts nicely with the bedding. The only trouble with a bed this low is getting in and out takes some flexibility. If your hips, back, or knees get a little stiff early in the morning skip this model.

50 Awesome Ideas for Cool Beds That You Haven’t Thought of Yet

Which of these cool beds is your favorite? If you take away anything from this gallery, it’s that you can let your imagination free when it comes to bedroom decor. There are so many unique beds and bed frames for every interior scheme and space. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional. Mix up shapes and textures, and let your personal style shine through!

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