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Big American Car: Lincoln!

Big American Car: Lincoln!

Lincoln Vehicles is the luxury automobile division of Ford Motor Company. Manufactured in Michigan, Lincoln first began producing aircraft engines with the Liberty V12 model. Ford, which started aircraft engine production in 1917, bought the company in 1922 to serve in the luxury car segment to counter the Cadillac and other high-end luxury cars. Ford brought Lincoln to life with the mid-range Mercury brand. This process, which continued until 2010, was not missing from the showrooms.

Big American Car: Lincoln!

Lincoln, which has traditional features, has produced heavy, large and luxury sedans with accepted labels such as continental and Town Car. Auto enthusiasts will remember Lincoln cars from movies and presidential limousines they’ve seen on television.

Over the years, Lincoln has adapted to the automotive industry and focused its corporate headquarters on luxury SUVs. Lincoln tried to dominate three-letter name tags that created confusion in the 2000s. With this move, he simultaneously sold MKC, MKS, MKX, MKT and MKZ in 2015. He turned the late model names in his favor and started to prefer nautical and aviation themes.

Lincoln Dictionary

5 things to know about the 2020 Lincoln Corsair | KRXI

Atkinson Cycle: Explains the engine combustion used in the MKZ hybrid. This setup, which is ideal for hybrid vehicles, consumes less power while reducing fuel consumption.

Black Label: Offering premium quality luxury pieces and ornaments, and a wealth of luxury themes and personalized features. Develops luxury according to customer’s taste.

The Lincoln Way: It is an application that offers a number of features such as service appointment, delivery and remote control vehicle. The Lincoln Way is a great marketing slogan as well as an app.

SS-100-X: It is a kind of secret service code name of the Lincoln Continental Convertible limousine in which American President JF Kennedy, who was killed in the assassination, was in when he was assassinated.

Suicide Door: The door with a hinge on the back. We often see this feature in Rolls Royce model cars.

Lincoln MKC

2021 Lincoln Corsair Review, Pricing, and Specs

The MKC model is Lincoln’s entry-level compact car. Launched in 2013, MKC will be replaced by Corsair from 2019. It has 2 options as a 2-liter turbocharged model with 245 horsepower and a double-scroll turbocharged 2.3-liter turbo model with 286 horsepower. Both options have a six-speed automatic transmission.

The body style of the Lincoln MKC is Crossover.

There are 4 models: Standard, Optional, Reserve and Black Label.

Lincoln Corsair

The Corsair model, which Lincoln will reveal in 2020 and will replace the MKC, is an entry-level compact vehicle. It has similar powertrain features to the Corsair MKC produced on the same platform as the new Escape 2020 model. Powered by an eight-speed automatic transmission, Corsair received positive reviews compared to Cadillac’s rival XT4.

The body style of the Lincoln Corsair is a crossover.

It has two models, standard and reserve.

Lincoln Nautilus

The Nautilus is the corrected and rebranded version of the MKX model as a mid-size SUV. The biggest change made to the model is the conversion of a two-level grid to a rectangular design. The Nautilus is a vehicle with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a front-wheel drive 245 hp 2-liter engine.

The body style of Nautilus is crossover.

It has 4 models as standard, optional, reserve and Black Label.

Lincoln Navigator

Developed on the same platform as the Ford expedition, the Lincoln Navigator is a full-size SUV. The Navigator is the vehicle with the most powerful engine in Lincoln with a 450 horsepower, 3.5 liter V6 engine. It is the most expensive vehicle of the brand apart from the Ford GT, which is sold by Ford Motor Company. The Navigator shifter consists of a 10-speed automatic transmission.

The body style of the Lincoln Navigator is SUV.

There are 4 models: Standard, Optional, Reserve and Black Label.

 Lincoln MKZ

It is Lincoln’s entry-level mid-range sedan. This vehicle, which has a second generation 2013 model year, is one of Lincoln’s cheapest models. The starting engine consists of a 6-speed automatic transmission. 245 or 350 hp options are available.

The body style of the Lincoln MKZ is a sedan.

There are 6 model options available as Standard, Standard Hybrid, Reserve, Reserve Hybrid, Reserve II and Reserve II Hybrid.

Note: There is no guarantee for the accuracy of the information and vehicle prices mentioned in the article. Compiled from reference articles. For the most accurate information, you can visit the official Lincoln site

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