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DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

There are lots of great DIY backyard picnic ideas to try when you’re out and about that always look great and are often inexpensive and worth making yourself. So why pay more for less character without all those great personal touches and choices that make the pieces yours? For your next great backyard picnic, outdoor lunch or dinner party, here are some great DIYs to try and benefit guests, family and friends . This t good backyard picnic with jealousy home DIYer’ve Structure wonderful moments we’ve created memories.

DIY Picnic Blanket

This warm, close friend is great for DIY backyard peak setting and gardening !

Ingredients :

  • 3 ½ yards. fabric of choice
  • About. 2 yards heavy fabrics such as denim (the blanket will be 68 inches x 54 inches, so depending on the width of your fabric, you’ll need to determine how much to buy as denim and other heavy fabrics are usually wider than regular cotton).
  • 3 packs of wide single-ply piping, in matching color
  • 1 pack cotton batting
  • 6 inch hook and loop

Directions  :

Place your large piece of denim fabric right side down. Place a single layer of cotton on top of that and cut it to fit. Place your top fabric over denim and cotton and cut accordingly. Join this fabric by cutting 2 large pieces and sewing a seam in the middle. Lay this fabric on top and pin the blanket around the edges and a few in the middle.

Zigzag the edges of the blanket. Fix the bias tape. Corners precisely . Sew the inside of the product near the edge of the bias tape. At the corners, zigzag around the edges of the ham. More before a steep middle bölümt all the blankets. You can add a tie at 6 inches to ensure the batting stays in place during washing or you can sew it through it to hold things.

To make the straps, cut 4 inches of tracking and 29 years in two . fold into long-term services and sew a long side and a short side. Right hand training and open side fold, press and sew tell. Sew 3-inches. One end hook and loop strip and 3 inches. Other CIRT Tape the CIRT piece on the opposite side of the belt and on the other end . Sew the strap to the blanket.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

DIY Drink Cooler

This DIY backyard picnic idea is Worth the effort for a beverage cooler that looks as cute as Outdoor decor . Using cedar wood looks great too!

Ingredients  :

  • Miter saw or handsaw
  • Six 1×4 boards, 8 ft. long
  • Five 1×2 boards, 8 ft. long
  • Three 1×3 boards, 8 ft. long
  • Try to find a piece of 2×3 board, 4 ft long, ideally a scrap or 8 ft. buy a board
  • One styrofoam cooler
  • 1 set of 2 ½ inch Zinc narrow hinges
  • A rubber stopper with a chain
  • One 6 ½ inch Zinc utility pull
  • silicone sealant
  • a sink flange
  • One ½ inch U Bolt
  • an ice scoop
  • A Zinc bottle opener
  • 3 hooks, optional


Start by creating the perimeter of the cooler, using a miter saw or handsaw. Measure and cut as you like, as board sizes vary and climates can affect boards. Measurements are as follows: 8 boards at 25 ¼ inches – 1×4 25 ¼ inches, 4 boards – 1×4 at 16 ½ inches, 8 boards at 25 ¼ inches – 4 boards at 1×2 and 16 – 1×2 ½ inches . Put 1×4 and 1×2 boards together to make future sides. The pattern is 1×4, 1×2, 1×4, 1×4, 1×2, 1×4 in order.

Drill pocket holes into the ends of the BRINGED boards, about 7 holes on the left and right sides , so that only some 1×4s have pocket holes leading it to the twelve ends to attach it to 1×2s. Using the Kreg Jig pocket and the Gorilla Glue wood book, glue the boards together to form a box. Legs For measurements below as they are: 38 4 boards at ¼ – 1 × 4 Every 1 × 3’ve pocket hole screws 1 × 4 in a line – 1 × 3 4’ve gleaned 38 ¼ Together with Place wood glue.

With a Brad Nailer or any other app will save them. Generous book archive as well as few examples and lots of civil cows inside . Taking the cooler around the perimeter for a snug fit. The Top should be in line with the Cardio with the Top of the perimeter with some space below . 16 ½ inches in three pieces 2 × 3 board definite and mobile assertive at both ends of its board. Attach with pocket hole screws and wood chain .

1×2 boards are used so as not to exceed the upper limit to be flush with the perimeter. It will be between your legs . Measure and attach with brad civilians ( or other applicable) and sales work to get these cuts exactly . For the top, 1×2 boards are applied for decorations on the lid and pocketed ones on the ends of the 16 ¼ inches. Attach with pocket hole screws and wood glue. Measurements, two 25 ¼ inch pieces 1 × 2 board and two 16 ½ inch pieces 1 × 2 panel.

Attach the top boards with the pocket hole screws. Pocket holes should be 5 on the left and right sides and 6-7 in the middle areas. The measurements are as follows: four 1×3 boards at 23 ¾ inches and four 1×2 boards at 23 ¾ inches. 1×2s and 1×3s must be alternated. Attach the trim to the top with pocket hole screws and wood glue. The top of the boards should be flush with the trim.

Bend the target to be raised for evacuation, making sure the 2x3s target from below . Buffer the flange silicone sealant and send it back into the hole. Push firmly and wiped from excess product. To install the Cooler Cover, apply a generous amount of sealant to the top of the Styrofoam cover and press it into the wooden cover. Brush on 1 coat of Rust-Oleum Dark Walnut paint Optional We coat a sonde Then continue with 3 coats of satin Rust-Oleum Spar vernish.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Farmhouse Outdoor Table

The perfect outdoor seating idea is your own DIY backyard picnic table. A personalized results to differ yourself with wood and measure specific use.

Ingredients  :

  • Six 2×8 boards, engineered wood, 8 ft. in length
  • Four 4×4 boards, engineered wood, 8 ft. in length
  • Three 2×4 boards, engineered wood, 8 ft. in length
  • Drill
  • 2 ½ inch wood screws
  • 4 ½ inch wood screws
  • kreg jig
  • 2 ½ inch kreg screws
  • wooden clamp

Directions  :

Using the Kreg Jig, screw the six 2×8 boards together at four different points. Always use the wooden clamp for convenience. Add support by securing three 32-inch-long 2x4s to the bottom of the tabletop with 2 ½-inch wood screws. The top and bottom pieces were roughly 1 foot from the edges and the third in the middle. Basically, decide where you want the legs to go and fix the supports. Cut four 4×4 28 inches high and secure them to the table with 4 ½ inch wood screws.

Legs should be 15 ¼ inches apart. You can screw in two screws from three sides, and the fourth at an angle against the support. Screw the support to the leg for the opposite side of the support. Cut two 4x4s 15 ¼ inches long and fasten one between the sets of legs 6 ½ inches from the bottom. You can use one 4 ½ inch angle screw on either side of the post. Cut 4×4 to 59 inches and place it between two short posts fixed to the legs. As with the small post, use one 4 ½ inch angle screw on each side.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Hanging Mason Jar Lights

For the perfect outdoor lighting idea for backyard gatherings and picnics under a tree, try this cute lighting idea that always looks great.

Ingredients  :

  • Simple small mason jars in the quantity and colors of your choice, use more and a variety for a wow look
  • pebbles to fill each mason jar approximately ¼ full
  • Tea lights, enough for 1 per jar
  • Thick, strong twine to wrap each jar around a tree branch

Directions  :

Put a tealight in each mason jar. Fill each jar about ¼ full with pebbles to keep the tea light in place. Secure a piece of twine of the desired length to the rim or supplied stem of each jar. Wrap the strings around a selected tree branch, tie and enjoy.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Beautiful Picnic Basket

For a cute craft challenge that results in a unique fabric-lined picnic basket, try this backyard DIY.

Ingredients  :

  • Picnic basket selection
  • Fabric wider than ¼ inch basket, doubled for two pieces
  • 3rd piece of fabric that measures 2 inches wider than the basket circumference and 3 inches wider than the basket height
  • Piece chipboard or thin cardboard for solid base spacer
  • Thread and needle or sewing machine

Directions  :

Take any metal, wicker or wooden basket. For your inner lining, place your basket on top of your fabric and draw around the base. Cut about ¼ wider on each side. Cut a second piece using the first as a template. Measure the circumference of your basket and add 2 inches. Measure the height of your basket and add 3 inches. You should get a longer rectangular piece. Use a piece of chipboard or thin cardboard to create a solid base piece for your basket, using the previous method as desired.

Fold down the short edge of one of the basic pieces of fabric twice, each about ½ inch, and sew them together to create a clean edge. This will be the crop pocket. Starting at the center of one of the shorter sides with the right sides together, begin securing the long edge of the long piece around the base piece. Once secured together, stitch about ¼ inch from the edge. This is the basic form of your supplement. Then fold the top edge down ¼ inch, press and again. Pin all the way to make it safe.

This is the casing of the ribbon drawstring. Place it in the picnic basket and fold it around the outer edge of your basket to fit. Find the center of the leading edge and make a mark as wide as your strip. This is a buttonhole for your ribbon to come out of the case. You can leave it freehand or just raw. Remove the buttonhole to create. Place your ribbon in your safe. It should be about ¼ inch wider than your strip. Sew all the way around the stem. Do not sew your ribbon down. Remove your pins and pull your strip tight to test.

Attach the base insert pocket to the rest. Place your base insert fabric right side down and place your picnic basket insert on top. Fix it together. Starting at one rolled edge of the base insert, sew all the way around the other and backstitch. Trim the edges. Place your cardboard or chipboard in the pocket to create a solid layer for picnic items. Leave your edges untreated or use a zigzag stitch and a medium stitch length for a more finished look.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want to Try

Succulent Container Garden

This backyard picnic is the perfect outdoor decoration for tables, garden areas and picnic settings.

Ingredients  :

  • Scissors
  • Soft bristle brush, optional
  • Container with drainage holes
  • Plastic window screening or landscape fabric
  • Preferred succulent plants
  • Cactus or succulent potting soil
  • Stones, gravel, sea glass or marbles, optional

Directions  :

The fleshy roots thrive in shallow, wider pots. Make sure your pot has good drainage. You can also drill the bottom holes. Buy succulent potting mix and mix equal parts of regular potting soil, coarse sand and perlite or pumice for an ideal mix. Be aware of the varying light and care needs of the different succulents selected. Group similar succulents in a specific container. Cut a piece of plastic window curtain large enough to cover your pot’s drainage holes. Cover the bottom of the container with enough potting soil so it is half an inch below the container rim.

Plant your plants, still in nursery pots, in the container for a space idea. Decide to edit. Remove the plants from these pots and individually return them to your container. Gently add additional soil around each plant. Fill any gaps between plants. Remove the leaf covering soil. For a finished look, cover the soil surface with a top dressing of coarse material such as gravel, pebbles, sea glass or marble. This can be brightly colored or neutral depending on the desired look.

DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You'll Want to Try
DIY Backyard Picnic Ideas You’ll Want To Try

These DIY backyard picnic ideas are cute and totally worth it! Try these great ideas for original backyard decor with great hosting potential and let us know in the comments how it goes!

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