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How Will God Of War Ragnarok Be ?

How Will God Of War Ragnarok Be ?


How Will Ragnarok Be?

God of War Ragnarok, the sequel to Santa Monica Studios, was announced in a small trailer last September and will be released on PS5 in 2021. However, no details of the project or any news have been released since then. Hermen Hulst, owner of Sony Interactive Entertainment Global Studios, shared a PlayStation blog post explaining the PlayStation games that various industry figures are most excited about . Our hero “ God of War ” was released in 2018. Kratos has transformed from one of the world’s craziest warriors to a thoughtful father, giving players a complete masterpiece of the game’s great story.

Hulst, former general manager of Horizon Zero Dawn studio Guerilla Games , said, “For me, playing ‘God of War’ in 2018 was a great experience and said: ‘This series has always had some incredible Action and combat activity, but Santa Monica’s The emotional depth of the story he gave to Kratos as a father is unforgettable. He also stated that one of the reasons why the games greatly influenced him was that his son was slightly older than Atreus.

God Of War Ragnarok
God Of War Ragnarok

The only thing known about the game at the moment is that it will be released on PlayStation 5. However, former Santa Monica developer David Jaffe is confident that the game will also launch on PlayStation 4. Actually, this is not surprising because Sony has announced that it will support PlayStation 4 for several years. Inspired by Norse mythology, the game will be played in ancient Norway. The main protagonists of the game are Kratos and his young son Atreusa. The game is expected to kick off “Ragnarok,” which includes the expected death of the Norse gods after Kratos killed Balduru in the previous series, and a series of events that end the day.

The remake of the god of war glory embodies all the hallmarks of the iconic series’ brutal combat dynamics, epic boss fights and exciting dimensions, and combines them with a powerful and poignant narrative to reshape the world’s Krato. The game tells the adventure of Kratos, he brought his late wife to the highest point of the realm and scattered ashes.

The word ragnarok is a combination of ragna and rok in the Old Norse language. The word Ragna means “organizing power of the gods”. The word “fortress” means “fate, apocalypse”. Ragnarok literally means “the fate of the gods”. In some old Norse works it is also called “The Twilight of the Gods”.


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