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How Will The IPhone 13 Be?

Caution, Water May Remain In Your Throat; How Will The IPhone 13 Be?


So how much do you know about the IPhone 13 series?. One of the most curious and rumored ones in the smartphone market is Apple’s iPhone. Apple’s release of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models was watched in real time by millions of people on YouTube. The iPhone 12 model has not been released for a long time, however. Various information has begun to emerge about the IPhone 13 model, which Apple will release in 2021.

Many different resources, some design improvements in the new model, internal improvements. And he points out that we should expect more powerful cameras.

In the rest of this article, you’ll find a compilation of leaks, rumors, speculations, and news about the iPhone 13. Be sure to visit this page often to ensure you have the latest information, as we will update this post with every new development.

Although the fire of the iPhone 12 did not subside, the attention of the technology community turned to Apple’s 2021 plan. In this case, the latest information based on the Chinese supply chain contains important details about the design of the iPhone 13.

Accordingly, the camera module in all iPhone 13 models will be covered with sapphire glass . And accordingly, it is stated that the camera protrusion will increase by 0.9 mm. In addition, while no change is expected in the height and width of the phones at the size point, it is also among the information that all models will be 0.26 mm thick.


What are the features of the iPhone 13?

Another remarkable detail about the camera is the iP-hone. The 13 Pro’s rear camera module is the same size as the iP-hone 13 Pro Max. It’s so big that it’s both the iP-hone 13 Pro and the iP-hone. The 13 Pro Max will feature optical image stabilization with sensor shift.

By 2020, the use of masks in daily life has become commonplace. That’s why the iPhone 13, like many Android devices, is connected to the screen. It will have an embedded fingerprint reader.

There seems to be a possible change in the display of the iPhone 13 family: the merging of the screen and the display panel. In this way, the new iPhone models are planned to be thinner. Another thing to say about the display is that Apple will eventually adopt the 120 Hz screen refresh rate.

Currently, some leaks are to iPhone 13, some leaks are to iPhone 12s. And some leaks point to the iPhone 14. We still call these models “iPhone 13” throughout the theme. If there are different opinions on this subject, we can make changes in this article.


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